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A Message from Our Pastor

As these rains wash our streets and cleanse our air I am reminded that Lent is a time for spring cleaning. We need to shake off the dust and focus on what God is asking of us as individuals and church. Keep in mind that the church exists to worship (pray), serve and evangelize.


Lent is the season we focus on our Vocation as Christian. We are called and chosen by God. God has made each of us on purpose for His purpose. Each of the baptized have been chosen to continue the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. We are His hand, feet and voice in this world. We are gifted with the privilege of service in His mission.


Our vocation is to Live the Gospel! “Everything a baptized person does, each day, should be related to the corporal or spiritual works of mercy.” These are the Spiritual Works of Mercy: Counsel the doubtful, Instruct the ignorant, Admonish the sinner, Comfort the sorrowful, Forgive injuries, Bear wrongs patiently, Pray for the living and the dead. These are the Corporal Works of Mercy: Feed the hungry, Give Drink to the thirsty, Hospitality to the stranger, Visit the sick, Visit the prisoners, Help bury the dead, Give alms to the poor. Our service to the Lord will fall into these areas. It is not that I am doing them all, each day... but each day I am intentionally working to make God's Kingdom more present.


Beware the sin of Sloth which is the failure to fulfill one’s basic duties and responsibilities. Working 24-7 while neglecting God and family is sloth. Failing to properly care for my body, soul and spirit is sloth. Sloth is the failure to keep our vocational priorities as Christian, family member and responsible citizen healthy and active. Zeal is the virtue which is the opposite of sloth. Zeal is being “on fire” for the Lord. Zeal is living my life in a way which pleases the Lord: loving, forgiving, bring light to darkness... bringing my best... and whatever it is, for the Glory of God.  


What passion, fire, has God placed in my heart? How am I best called to love and accept love? To forgive and accept forgiveness? How am I called to help bring light and hope to others? Let us continue to pray, serve and share the Good News as we journey toward Calvary and Easter. 
Your brother in Christ, Fr. Bill

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