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St. Jerome Parish Community

Coffee & Donut Procedures

*Click on either photo for the Coffee and Donut Schedule*

**Call Kathy F. (310-703-2519) with any questions, concerns, assignment issues**

  • Arrive at the Parish Hall BEFORE 7:30am in order to start making the coffee.

  • Coffee and Donuts will be served after the 8am and 10am Masses.

  • Be sure to clean up the Parish Hall when done.

    • Take all garbage in black garbage bags and dump into the dumpsters located​ by the back exit gate, between the Convent & the School.

    • DO NOT leave garbage bags on the group outside the Hall. Animals will rip them open during the night, and we will get ants from leaks and debris.

  • You must wear plastic gloves when handling food.

  • Donuts should not be cut in half.

  • If you do not own your own box, there is a donating container/box in the kitchen closet.

  • If you need to make any changes in your assigned schedule, please contact Kathy at least two weeks before your assigned date.

  • Questions about the coffee machine? Call Kathy! Instructions are taped next to the machine.

  • Commissions and Ministries: Supplies (such as coffee, donuts, food gloves, cups, stirrers, sugar, powdered creamers, etc) will be purchased by each group (except the coffee filter which will be provided and inside a Tupperware located on the bottom of the coffee machine stand).

  • Parish Hall must be left clean. Garbage must be put inside the dumpster by the back gate.

Before Your Assigned Day

  • Make sure you have necessary supplies. Each group in responsible for the group's supplies.

    • Necessary supplies include napkins, plastic gloves, sugar, creamer, stirrers, paper towels, kitchen towels, juice milk, small juice cups. Absolutely NO styrofoam products may be used​.

    • Confirm your donut order on Thursday or Friday before your assigned Sunday!


During Your Assigned Day

  • Turn on coffee machine before 7:30am (it will take 20-30 minutes to heat the water which must be hot before brewing the coffee).

  • Important reminders regarding the coffee machine.

    • Do not add water at all! The coffee machine is connected to a filtered water system and water is sent to the urns automatically when we hit the toggle button in the back. Before you begin, be sure that the urns are empty of all liquid as urn will overflow if it goes unchecked.​

    • Meanwhile: place a coffee filter into the filter holders. Place two cups of ground coffee (not whole beans) into each filter holder.

  • We do not sell donuts; We do accept donations!


Closing on Your Assigned Day

  • Clean kitchen area and wipe the kitchen counter tops.

  • Clean table area (tops of tables and sweep under and around chairs).

  • Put coffee grounds in the garbage.

  • Rinse out coffee filer holders and coffee pots and put back into machine. Please make sure the coffee pots are empty of any liquid as it will ferment. Also, liquid left in pots will cause it to overflow for the next use.

  • Do not leave items in refrigerator.

  • Put all garbage in dumpster by the back fence exit. Please make sure all trash cans are empty. Do not leave any garbage in the parish hall. It is crucial that this procedure is followed as leaving trash in the parish hall invited rodents and roaches.

  • Turn off all lights (directions are on walls by light buttons).

  • Be sure all windows are closed and all bathroom lights are turned off.

  • Close all doors. A parish person will come to lock doors and set alarms.

Thank you for being involved!

God Bless You!!! 

With LOVE and UNITY,

Father Bill and St. Jerome Parish Community

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