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St. Jerome Catholic Church

                                        ST. JEROME PARISH MINISTRIES

Advocacy – Life & Dignity – Promotes legislation concerning non-negotiable life issues
CONTACT: Louise Meehan, 310 641-0842,

The Advocacy -- Life and Dignity Ministry advocates for human life and dignity by educating parishioners about legislation concerning non-negotiable life issues, including abortion, euthanasia, cloning, embryonic stem cell research, same-sex marriage, gender reassignment and the death penalty. The Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. In accordance with these principles, members of the ministry promote legislation that enhances the life and dignity of the human person, take action on legislation that will impact life or dignity in the United States, provide parishioners with informative updates and timely “action alerts” on key legislation, and advocate simple and concrete means to influence critical legislation.

Altar Servers – Active Catholic adults and youth (4th grade & up) who assist the priest during Mass

Altar server positions (fourth grade and up) are open to active Catholic adults and youth who want to assist the celebrant during liturgies. The role of the altar server constitutes an integral part of the liturgy and, as such, demands conduct in keeping with the solemnity of the ritual. Altar servers follow the example of Jesus, who did not hesitate to place himself at the whole of humanity’s service. They carry out many important tasks before, during and after Mass and provide assistance in connection with other liturgical services.

Angels – Visits sick and homebound parishioners
CONTACT: Kathy Fitzpatrick, 310 703-2519,

Members of the Angels Ministry are responsible to identify sick and homebound parishioners who would like to be visited. The Angels offer these parishioners companionship, transportation to Mass, the opportunity to receive the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick in their homes, and assistance with other services they may need.

Catechists  – Teaches the principles of the Catholic faith
CONTACT: Emily Gonzalez, 213 841-6775,

Catechists are parishioners who teach the principles of the Catholic faith to children, teenagers and/or adults within the Youth Ministry programs and the Rites of Christian Initiation programs. See ministries below entitled Christian Initiation and Youth Ministry. A catechist must be an active Catholic and person of faith who understands church doctrine, demonstrates appropriate teaching skills, and has a dedication to service and commitment to teaching within the Roman Catholic tradition. Catechists receive faith formation training in specialized workshops to assist with teaching the faith, have access to numerous resources, and may seek certification through the formation program approved by the Archdiocesan Office of Religious Education.

Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group – Meets Friday nights to celebrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit
CONTACT: Donatus Muoneke, 323 294-1940,;
Murglen Muoneke, 323 294-1940,

The prayer group is part of the SCRC (Southern California Renewal Communities), a ministry of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles officially commissioned in the 1970s to provide teaching, communication and guidance designed to bring Charismatic Renewal into the heart of the Church. The prayer group meets Friday evenings at 7 pm to celebrate the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, foster union with God and honor Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Savior through the inspirations and grace of the Holy Spirit within us. Members express their renewal through praise and worship, testimonies, thanksgiving, scripture reading, music, prayer, and operation in the Charisms of the Spirit. The group also sponsors seminars, healing Masses and other spiritual events.


Cenacle Prayer Group of Our Lady – Meets Thursday afternoons to pray for priests and live the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
CONTACT: Edward Garza, 310 426-4780,

The Cenacle Prayer Group meets on Thursdays at 1:15 pm in accordance with the Marian Movement of Priests. Members invoke the Holy Spirit; pray the Holy Rosary; pray for the holiness and fruitfulness of the Pope, clergy and seminarians; meditate; and renew consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Through this Movement, which Our Blessed Mother formed and revealed to Italian priest Fr. Stefano Gobbi in 1973, she insistently calls upon priests, religious and the faithful to enter into the cenacle of her Immaculate Heart and unite with her in prayer, as when she and the first apostles awaited the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room.

Choirs – Provides music at Sunday Masses

The choirs provide liturgical music at Mass and other church liturgies. The choirs include:
African Choir – Practices Tuesdays at 7pm; sings first Sunday at 11 am Mass
CONTACT: Dr. Chica Okoro, 310 562-6299,
Adult Choir – Practices every other Thursday at 6:45pm; sings second and fourth Sundays at 11 am Mass
CONTACT: Hannah Madril Somborger, 310 487-9236,
Youth Alumni and Friends Choir – Practices first Sunday at 4 pm; sings first Sunday at 5:30 pm Mass
CONTACT: Bernadette Albano, 310 641-8871,
Filipino Choir – Practices Fridays at 7 pm; sings third Sunday at 11 am Mass
CONTACT: Gina Holt, 310 612-7384,
Children’s Choir – Practices Wednesdays at 3 pm; sings second, third and fourth Sundays at 9 am Mass
CONTACT: Fr. Bill, 424 543-4681,

Christian Initiation – Prepares people to receive the sacraments of initiation
CONTACT: Emily Gonzalez, 213 841-6775,

The Christian Initiation Ministry prepares children, youth, adults and families to receive the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist). The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a formal program of catechetical instruction, bible study, prayer and spirituality, and participation in liturgies whereby adults are formally admitted into the Catholic Church and receive the sacraments. The RCIA process has been adapted to meet the specific needs of children seven years and older in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC) and the specific needs of youth in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Youth (RCIY).

Church Beautification – Maintains the cleanliness of the Church (spring and fall cleaning)
CONTACT: Juanita Rivera-Wiemken, 310 348-8212 x303,

The Ministry for Church Beautification cares for and maintains the cleanliness of the Church. Two times during the year in the spring and fall, volunteers schedule group time to clean the altars, ambo, tabernacle, religious images, confessionals, pews, vestibule, choir loft, windows, etc. Volunteers are served a complimentary continental breakfast. This ministry presents an opportunity for parishioners to express their love for God by using their time and talents to create a beautiful place of worship.

Commissions – Parish leadership groups (Administration, Formation, Worship, Community, LCJP) facilitating communication among parish ministries and the Parish Advisory Council
CONTACT: Kathy Fitzpatrick, 310 703-2519,

St. Jerome Parish actively works to create a covenantal relationship within the parish among the Pastor, staff, ministry leaders, Parish Advisory Council and parishioners. The parish has created a structure of parish leadership groups known as Commissions to help develop this mutual cooperation. The five Commissions are: Administration; Formation; Worship; Community; and Life, Charity, Justice & Peace (“LCJP”). They coincide with the five major areas of parish life within the St. Jerome community. Each of the various parish ministries falls under one of these Commissions. The role of each Commission is to establish a vision for its ministries; assess the needs of its ministries; provide assistance so that the ministries can meet their full potential; and facilitate effective communication among its ministries and the Parish Advisory Council. The Parish Advisory Council consists of approximately 10 to 12 representatives nominated by and from the Commissions who provide guidance and advice to the Pastor. Both the Parish Advisory Council and the Commissions generally meet seven evenings from September through June.

Communications – Facilitates communication between parish leadership and parishioners
CONTACT: Brad Germeroth, 323 577-5922,

This ministry through media is established under the leadership of the Parish Advisory Council and the Administration Commission in order to inform parishioners concerning church and school news and events and to invite participation in the life, mission and purposes of the Church. The ministry directs the parish’s social networking presence, maintains the parish website and publishes the parish email newsletter, ensures that pertinent information about parish events is routinely shared and updated to parishioners, works to improve effective parish communication and coordinates communication strategies, arranges for the creation of promotional signs and banners, and contributes to special parish projects requiring technical expertise.

Creation Sustainability – Promotes ecological responsibility
CONTACT: Jacqueline Welsh, 310 283-8258,

The Creation Sustainability ministry helps parishioners become more aware of how our “footprint” impacts our Earth and how they can practice ecological responsibility. Members of the ministry keep parishioners apprised of and urge support for critical legislation that advances environmental ideals. Each April, the ministry participates in the annual celebration of Earth Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness of environmental causes and protecting the planet’s natural resources. From September 1 through October 4 (Feast of St. Francis of Assisi), the ministry celebrates the Season of Creation, during which various Christian Churches unite in showing mercy to the earth as our common home and cherishing the world in which we live as a place for sharing and communion. The churches organize and support hundreds of events and prayer services worldwide by collaborating through the ecumenical website

CRS Rice Bowl – Offers suppers from different countries on Friday evenings during Lent

CRS Rice Bowl is the Lenten program of Catholic Relief Services.  Motivated by the example of Jesus Christ to assist poor and suffering people, CRS Rice Bowl provides resources to help faith communities and families in every diocese throughout the United States put their faith into action through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. St. Jerome parish offers suppers from different countries on Friday evenings during Lent and collects donations for CRS. Lenten donations through CRS Rice Bowl support the poverty alleviation work of CRS in more than 40 countries. Since its inception in 1975, CRS Rice Bowl has raised nearly $300 million.


Engaging Spirituality – Program that enables parishioners to immerse their lives in serving others

CONTACT: Deacon Guy Wauthy, 714 602-6122,; Juanita Rivera-Wiemken, 310 348-8212 x303,

This is a 21-week program for adult Christians seeking to deepen their spiritual lives and live a more Gospel-centered existence. Through centering prayer, readings, guided meditations, small group dialogues on bearings letters from modern spiritual masters, and immersion experiences, the program invites participants to look at Jesus as their model of integrity and holiness. By his words and his witness, Jesus invited his followers to be actively and compassionately involved “IN” this world, without allowing them to be dominated or defined by it. Central to this process is the Holy Spirit and how His power can impact the needs of our world and one another. For more information, see

Eucharistic Ministers – Confirmed active Catholics who help distribute the Eucharist during Mass
CONTACT: Tina Gustavson, 310 649-1474,

Eucharistic Ministers are lay active Catholics who help distribute the Holy Eucharist during Mass. In every celebration of the Eucharist, there should be a sufficient number of ministers of Holy Communion so that it may be distributed under both species in a reverent and orderly manner. Eucharistic Ministers must have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist and participate faithfully in the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church. Ministers receive spiritual, theological, and practical preparation to fulfill their role with knowledge and reverence, in accordance with the Norms for the Dioceses of the United States of America and the guidelines of the diocesan bishop.

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick & Homebound – Takes Holy Eucharist to the sick and homebound
CONTACT: Mary Asoera, 310 497-3280,

Members of this ministry are Eucharistic Ministers who have been appointed to offer to the sick and homebound the opportunity to receive the Holy Eucharist in their homes, at retirement or nursing homes or while in the hospital. The ministry allows those unable to be present at the Eucharistic assembly to share in the communion of the Body of Christ. When fulfilling their duties, members should observe the appropriate liturgical rite, which usually includes reading of the Word and the Rite of Communion. Members must complete orientation and training for Sick and Homebound Communion Ministry. They may be accompanied on their visits by other parishioners who provide assistance.

Evangelization – Explores means to foster and maintain the Catholic faith
CONTACT: Terry Dicks,

The Evangelization Ministry explores creative means to foster and maintain the Catholic faith and bring the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ to every human heart and situation. Through the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, the ministry devises means to encourage and maintain the “covenant relationship” parishioners have with God and one another; to reach out to and welcome back inactive and alienated Catholics; to achieve ongoing growth and renewed conversion among faithful Catholics; and to proclaim to individuals and society the name, life, teachings, love, promises, sufferings, Kingdom, mystery and divine mercy of Jesus.



Fil-Am Group – Produces various parish-wide events sponsored by the Filipino/American group
CONTACT: Gina Holt, 310 612-7384,

Members of the Fil-Am Group, who are of Filipino/American background, engage in activities and sponsor events that highlight Filipino culture. Among other things, they manage the Filipino Choir, which features traditional Filipino liturgical music sung in the Filipino native language, and organize a weekly Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The ministry produces annual parish-wide events, such as the Simbang Gabi celebration and the Filipino-American Independence Day Breakfast. Members also contribute significant time and talent in support of events sponsored by other parish groups.


Finance Council – Assists/advises the Pastor regarding the financial affairs of the parish and school
CONTACT: Fr. Bill, 424 543-4681,

The Code of Canon Law mandates the establishment of a Parish Finance Council in each parish. The role of the council is to assist and advise the Pastor in overseeing and controlling the financial affairs of the parish, including the parish school. The council, which meets with the Pastor and school principal monthly during the school year, is accountable to the Pastor, who has the responsibility for final decisions. Members of the council are appointed by the Pastor for three-year terms to represent the parish at large. They should be skilled in business and have some expertise in management, financial affairs, accounting, legal matters and/or fund raising or a related field.

Food Pantry LAX – Non-profit organization that distributes groceries to low income families
CONTACT: Johnny Albano, 310 641-8871,

This is a non-profit organization created in 1985 as a community-based means of feeding the poor in our community. Sponsored by the member churches of the Westchester/Ladera Clergy Association, it is located in Inglewood (355 E. Beach Ave.) and serves clients in Inglewood, Westchester, El Segundo, Hawthorne and portions of Los Angeles. Volunteers for the organization pack and distribute to low-income families nutritionally balanced bags of groceries on Tuesdays and Fridays, with the menu varying from week to week depending on the types of donated items. All officers and workers are volunteers.

Good News People – Inspires and educates Catholics to bring the hope of the “Good News” to the world
CONTACT: Deacon Guy Wauthy, 714 602-6122,; Juanita Rivera-Wiemken, 310 348-8212 x303,

Good News People is a JustFaith Ministries program created to inspire, engage and educate parishioners with the goal of mobilizing Catholics to become “Good News People” to the world. This fourteen-session program, which is designed for multiple small groups within a parish, emphasizes what a privilege it is for us to become vessels of God’s hope-filled presence in the world. With God’s grace, participants become empowered to champion the Church’s mission to proclaim the “Good News” of Jesus Christ anew. At the same time, participants explore and deepen their personal relationships with Jesus Christ and their call to discipleship, which is faith, hope and love in action. The program employs a dynamic process engaging Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, inspirational readings and reflection, and Church teaching. For more information, see

Holiday Craft Faire – Produces the Annual Holiday Craft Faire on a weekend in November
CONTACT: Joan Hoffman, 310 670-7801,

This ministry produces St. Jerome’s annual Holiday Craft Faire. The Craft Faire is a two-day fundraising event held on a weekend in November. Various artisans from the parish and surrounding communities rent space inside the parish hall and outdoors to sell handmade holiday gifts, home baked treats and other unique wares. The event features numerous raffles and drawings, including raffles of large gift baskets. Refreshments are available for all.

Hospitality – Arranges for food service and room decoration for parish social activities and funerals
CONTACT: Joyce Holt, 310 649-5586,

Members of the Hospitality Ministry have a unique opportunity to create an atmosphere of welcome, love and fellowship for parishioners and parish guests. Ministry volunteers arrange for food preparation, food service and room decoration for many of the regularly scheduled and special activities and events held in the parish hall. Such activities include parish celebrations, parish social events, wedding receptions, and receptions following funerals and memorial services. The hall has a fully equipped commercial-grade kitchen, plenty of tables and chairs, and electronic entertainment equipment. Using these resources, the Hospitality Team can aid in hosting any approved event at the parish.


Immigration – Brings awareness about immigration issues and supports Archdiocesan immigration events
CONTACT: Nory Jose, 310 367-6557,

The Immigration Ministry fosters awareness about the Catholic Church’s teachings concerning immigration matters and policy. Members seek to educate parishioners regarding fair, comprehensive immigration reform and other important national and local immigration issues. The ministry supports Archdiocesan immigration events, such as the annual Mass in Recognition of all Immigrants held at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral. The ministry also assists individual migrants in finding refugee and immigrant services that meet their needs.

JustFaith – Program that seeks to empower parishioners to develop a passion for justice
CONTACT: Deacon Guy Wauthy, 714 602-6122,; Juanita Rivera-Wiemken, 310 348-8212 x303,

This is a spiritually intense and rewarding program spanning multiple months that aims to integrate personal spirituality, Church teachings, and social justice issues. It is designed to prepare people of faith for the life-changing call of the Gospel to help heal the world and, in so doing, experience a deeper faith, a more fulfilling life, and a community of care and vitality. Utilizing a format of prayer, study, thought-provoking small group dialogue, and immersions, the program empowers participants to develop a passion for justice and to express this in acts of parish social ministry. For more information, see

Knights of Columbus – Catholic fraternal service organization providing charitable services and defending Roman Catholicism
CONTACT: Tony Holloway, 323 295-4287,

Founded in 1882, the Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Its motto is: “In service to One. In service to All.” Membership is offered to men who are practicing Catholics aged 18 and older. The brotherhood is dedicated to providing local and global charitable services, promoting Catholic education, and defending Roman Catholicism in various nations. It promotes social and intellectual fellowship through its educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief, and public relief work.

Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Peter Claver – Catholic Lay Organization for women that renders service to God, Church and charities
CONTACT: Bonnie Hall, 323 295-2432,

In 1926 the Ladies Auxiliary Division of the Knights of Peter Claver was established as a Catholic lay organization for women with the common goals of faith, unity, and Christian charity. The objectives of the organization stem from the charitable work of St. Peter Claver (1580-1654), a priest who labored unceasingly for the salvation of African slaves and the abolition of the slave trade. The members render service to God, Church, community, and worthwhile charitable causes; promote social justice; support education and youth; and promote friendship and unity among their members.

Lectors – Confirmed active Catholics trained to proclaim Holy Scripture during liturgies
CONTACT: Cathy Fitzpatrick, 310 337-6929,

Lectors are confirmed active Catholics who proclaim Holy Scripture during liturgies. They are carefully chosen based on their skill in proclamation, ability to express the dignity of scripture, willingness to complete formation in this ministry, and deep respect for God’s presence in Holy Scripture. They prepare during the week by nurturing the Word through reading, reflection, meditation and prayer. They may also lead the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass.


Linen Society – Ensures that altar linens and vestments are clean and ready for use at liturgies
CONTACT: Erin Hoffmann, 310 641-0420 or 310 462-2530

The Linen Society Ministry is in charge of ensuring that the altar linens and vestments are kept clean, ironed, properly stored and ready for use during the liturgies. Altar linens include purificators, corporals, hand towels used during the washing of hands, and dish towels and dish cloths used to wash and dry the vessels after Mass. Careful handling is required for those linens bearing remnants of the Precious Body and Blood of Christ.

New Year’s Celebration – Produces the annual New Year’s Gumbo Celebration
CONTACT: Lola McAlpin-Grant, 310 940-7871,

This ministry produces the annual New Year’s Gumbo Celebration. Shortly after the beginning of the New Year, the parish holds a celebration dinner and Mass. At the dinner, different types of Gumbo are served, along with accompaniments. The night is complete with a live band, dancing and prize drawings. The ministry sponsors special music for the Mass.

Novena Prayer Groups – Pray novenas to Our Mother of Perpetual Help Wednesday mornings and evenings
CONTACT FOR WEDNESDAY EVENING: Dolly Juaneza, 310 963-3642,

These two ministries each organize novena prayers to Our Mother of Perpetual Help in the Church before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. The Wednesday morning novena, which takes place immediately following the morning Mass, features prayers originating from Filipino tradition and includes Benediction. The Wednesday evening novena, held from 6:30 to 8 pm, features prayers composed by St. Alphonsus Liguori and includes one-half hour of silent adoration, recitation of the Holy Rosary, and recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Parish Picnic – Produces the biennial outdoor Mass and picnic
CONTACT: Lola McAlpin-Grant, 310 940-7871,

Every two years, the parish holds a picnic and outdoor Mass at a local park for our parish family and friends. Food, fun, fellowship and community are the hallmarks of this event. The Picnic Ministry produces this event by procuring the park; setting up chairs and tables; providing for picnic food and drink; arranging for music; and organizing outdoor games, prize drawings and other outdoor activities for all ages.

Respect Life – Educates parishioners on and promotes the sanctity of human life
CONTACT: Louise Meehan, 310 641-0842,

The Respect Life Ministry labors for the enhancement of human dignity at every stage of life from conception to natural death. Ministry volunteers educate parishioners on the sanctity of human life and strive to build a Culture of Life. As part of its work, the ministry networks information and resources for counseling and referrals regarding crisis pregnancies and other life issues such as post-abortion stress and euthanasia.

Restorative Justice (Detention Ministry) – Visits inmates of Central Juvenile Hall
CONTACT: Donatus Muoneke, 323 294-1940,;
Murglen Muoneke, 323 294-1940,

The mission of the Restorative Justice Ministry is to embrace Jesus’ invitation to reach out with love, hope, mercy and support to the incarcerated and to work for positive changes in the criminal justice system. Volunteers from the ministry visit inmates of the Central Juvenile Hall about once a month, talking with, listening to and praying with them in small groups. Each year, the ministry joins with other outreach groups in organizing a Christmas party at the Hall.



Sacristans – Confirmed active Catholics who oversee preparations for Mass
CONTACT: Brad Germeroth, 323 577-5922,

Sacristans are confirmed active Catholics trained to oversee preparation and clean-up of liturgical celebrations. The sacristan’s duties vary, but usually include taking care of the sacristy and the sacred items therein; performing duties before, during and after Mass; and training altar servers. To prepare for Mass, the sacristan ensures that the priest has the vessels, linens, candles, liturgical books, and sufficient fresh hosts and wine required for the Mass; sets the offertory table for the Presentation of the Gifts; sets the credence table; and confirms the presence of all required ministers. When there is a special ceremony at Mass, such as a Baptism, the sacristan sets out the required additional items. If no altar servers are present, the sacristan must either find substitute servers in the congregation or personally assume that position. Before, during and after Mass, the sacristan manages the church lighting and PA system. After Mass, the sacristan oversees the cleaning of vessels, altar, credence table and sacristy area; supervises the transfer of parishioner donations to the safe; and stores all items. At weekend Masses, one Eucharistic Minister is scheduled to share the work.

St. Jerome School – Provides a quality Catholic Education (Pre-K – 8th grade)
CONTACT: Office of Principal Tom MacDonald, 310-670-1678

St. Jerome School is a Catholic elementary school founded to assist parents in their primary responsibility for the Christian education of their children. The school provides a quality Catholic Education (pre-K through 8th grade) under the supervision of the Department of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Dedicated teachers work to ensure that all students receive a solid foundation in the faith and achieve academic success, integrating all the fields of the STEAM approach to learning (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics).

St. Vincent de Paul Society – Reaches out with goods and funds to the needy in our parish community
CONTACT: Morris Bernstein, 310 908-9204,

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic volunteer organization whose mission is to seek out and serve the forgotten, suffering and deprived; promote the dignity of the person; and alleviate human suffering and distress, while correcting problems and practices that cause these conditions. The St. Jerome ministry reaches out to the less fortunate in our area with food, clothing, furniture, appliances, housing assistance, Christmas gifts to shut-in seniors, support for parish school families, and other forms of financial assistance, as well as, referrals and linkages to other needed services. The Society also owns and operates Circle V Ranch Camp and Retreat Center near Santa Barbara, which embraces youth-centered programming and provides innovative and enriching outdoor experiences that build self-esteem; knowledge; and appreciation for God, nature and others.

School Support Organization (SSO) – Assists with fundraising for the school
CONTACT: Patricia Moore, 310 670-1678,

The SSO is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to organize volunteers for St. Jerome School and to sponsor and coordinate fundraising activities to supplement the school’s financial needs as defined by the Pastor and Principal. In order to keep tuition affordable for our families, the school relies heavily on fundraising by the SSO, which obtains funds each year through a wide variety of events and other initiatives that bring together families, faculty, friends and community. Funds raised are used to give our teachers the tools they need to create a rich learning environment, add and update technologies throughout the school, update and increase library resources, fund field trips and assemblies, provide music and art instruction, and offer after-school student care, among other benefits.

Scripture Study – Tuesday evening group studies various books of Sacred Scripture; Thursday morning group studies the readings for the upcoming Sunday
CONTACT FOR TUESDAY EVENING: Steve Picard, 310 649-4071,;
Alan Bernstein, 310 645-5355,
CONTACT FOR THURSDAY MORNING: Susan Chandler, 434 331-5821,

The parish offers two opportunities for the study of Holy Scripture. The first, which meets on Tuesday evenings, facilitates group study of the various books of Sacred Scripture in four- to 12-week sessions. The other group, which meets on Thursday mornings, studies the readings for the upcoming Sunday. Both groups employ extensive group discussion and make use of low-cost study materials.

Seniors – Offers spiritual and social activities for senior parishioners on Mondays and Wednesdays at noon
CONTACT: Allene Muccia, 310 348-8212

The purpose of the Senior Ministry, which meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 noon to 4 pm, is to serve the needs and interests of seniors (self-defined) in the parish. For many seniors, families have scattered, friends have passed on, and incomes are limited, but friends, spiritual enrichment and Christian fellowship can bring renewal to their hearts and minds and make them feel loved and appreciated. The ministry offers various activities for seniors, including volunteer opportunities, social activities, an annual Christmas luncheon, field trips, and spiritual enrichment opportunities such as prayer and the Anointing of the Sick.

Sister Parish – Mother of Sorrows – Provides assistance to our sister parish
CONTACT: Arnold Tena, 310 649-6129,

St. Jerome Parish has developed a sister-parish relationship with Mother of Sorrows Parish, a Catholic parish and school located in South Los Angeles. The ministry provides various types of assistance to the needy of our sister church and school through toy drives, jacket drives and Thanksgiving Day food drives. The ministry also responds directly to all requests from our sister parish for school supplies, such as copy paper, pencils, pens and other needs.



Soup Kitchen – Provides hot meals to the surrounding community on the third Saturdays and Thanksgiving
CONTACT: Jude Ramlochan, 310 348-9380,

The Soup Kitchen, which was established in 2013, operates out of the parish hall and kitchen. Ministry volunteers prepare and serve hot meals and provide items of clothing to members of the surrounding community. Meals are presented in an atmosphere of fellowship and comradery, complete with music and beautiful decorations. The Soup Kitchen is open once a month on the third Saturday of the month and on Thanksgiving Day.

Ushers – Active parishioners who provide services and assistance at Mass
CONTACT: Tony Holloway, 323 295-4287,

Ushers must be active parishioners who are willing to act as cheerful and engaged ambassadors for the Church. Their primary responsibility is to provide a welcoming, friendly and comfortable atmosphere for worship. Their duties include warmly greeting each parishioner, escorting people to pews, collecting the offerings, assisting with the presentation of the gifts, directing the orderly receipt of Holy Communion, and providing other assistance if needed.


Voice in the Wilderness – Publishes newsletter covering issues of social and economic justice
CONTACT: Tom Lenert, 310 649-3245,

The ministry educates parishioners regarding current issues of social and economic justice. Members work to achieve social justice in society, seek ways to promote legislation that protects human rights and advances equality, and advocate simple and concrete means to influence critical legislation. The ministry also publishes a Newsletter covering issues concerning social and economic justice.

Youth Ministry – Educates youth on the Catholic faith and prepares them to receive the sacraments
CONTACT: Emily Gonzalez, 213 841-6775,

   Confirmation Preparation – This is a two-year program, typically beginning in the 9th grade, that is designed to prepare youth for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The program strives to help young people build understanding of the Catholic faith, experience Christian discipleship in the context of a Catholic faith community, become immersed in a life of community service to others, deepen their relationships with Jesus, and prepare their hearts for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

  Life Teen Program – This is a Sunday evening gathering of teens to share food, friends and fellowship. Life Teen is a Eucharist-centered movement within the Catholic Church that leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Teens learn more about their Catholic faith, meet other teens who love the Lord, and experience opportunities to become closer to Christ.

  Edge Program – This is a Thursday afternoon program for middle school children to share friends and fellowship. It provides a safe, fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, get answers to their questions about faith, transition smoothly into their teen years, and, most importantly, experience Jesus in a profound and personal way.

  Religious Education – This is a Sunday morning program for elementary school children to be educated in the Catholic Faith. A two-year program for receiving the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation is also offered.


Daily Mass:

Mon - Sat.   8:00AM

Weekend Masses:

Saturday 5:30PM

Sunday   7:30AM, 9:00AM, 11:00AM, 5:30PM