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St. Jerome Parish

Spring 2024

Email Steve Picard at with the subject line “SJ Bible study RSVP” to be included on the Zoom meeting invitation.

The Book of Revelation

St. Jerome Parish Bible study will soon begin an 8-session study of the New Testament Book of Revelation.  There are two parallel tracks:  in-person sessions will be held Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 to 9pm in the parish Hall beginning April 16; online sessions will be held Thursday evenings, from 7:30 to 9pm via Zoom beginning April 18.  The same material is covered in the in-person and online sessions each week.  
The book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse, has fascinated Christian believers for centuries. Colorful imagery, rich symbolism, layers of meaning, and brilliant allusions to the Old Testament convey the book’s perennial truth: God will triumph over evil, and God’s faithful ones will share in that victory. Join us as we explore this ancient text and discover its relevance for us today. For this study we will use a commentary from the Little Rock Scripture Study Series, published by Liturgical Press:  Revelation, by Catherine A. Cory, PhD.  The book can be purchased from the publisher at:  //
The cost for the books is $16.95, plus sales tax and shipping.  They are also available at  Some books will be available for purchase on Tuesday, April 16 at the first in-person meeting for $20. To register for either the in-person sessions or the online sessions, please email Steve at with "Bible Study" in the subject line to reserve your place.  All are welcome.  No experience is necessary.
Catherine A. Cory, PhD. Revelation, (Liturgical Press, 2005) Cost = $16.95 plus tax and shipping if ordered from the publisher; $20 on
Tuesday, April 16 at the first in-person meeting Calendar: Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9pm, St. Jerome Parish Hall Thursday evenings, 7:30-9pm, online via Zoom

April 16 & 18 Orientation Sessions

April 23 & 25 Revelation 1 Commentary: Lesson One, pages 11-24
Apr 30 & May 2 Revelation 2-3 Commentary: Lesson Two, pages 25-38

May 7 & 9 Revelation 4-7 Commentary: Lesson Three, pages 39-52

May 14 & 16 Revelation 8-11 Commentary: Lesson Four, pages 53-66
May 21 & 23 Revelation 12-14 Commentary: Lesson Five, pages 67-82
May 28 &  30 Revelation 15-18 Commentary: Lesson Six, pages 83-98
Jun 4 & 6 Revelation 19-22 Commentary: Lesson Seven, pages 99-114

The plan: (N.B. This Bible study is like a book club: some reading is expected in preparation for each session, where the primary activity is conversation about
the assigned reading. All are welcome. Conversation participation is expected. We learn from each other.)

Tuesday or Thursday
At home each week . . . night meetings . . .
Begin with prayer Sung Prayer & Scripture
Read assigned Revelation chapters Conversational Prayer
Read Cory commentary Lessons Small Group Conversations
Prepare study questions

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