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Engaging Spirituality

Program that enables parishioners to immerse their lives in serving others

CONTACT: Deacon Guy Wauthy, 714 602-6122,; Juanita Rivera-Wiemken, 310 348-8212 x303,

This is a 21-week program for adult Christians seeking to deepen their spiritual lives and live a more Gospel-centered existence. Through centering prayer, readings, guided meditations, small group dialogues on bearings letters from modern spiritual masters, and immersion experiences, the program invites participants to look at Jesus as their model of integrity and holiness. By his words and his witness, Jesus invited his followers to be actively and compassionately involved “IN” this world, without allowing them to be dominated or defined by it. Central to this process is the Holy Spirit and how His power can impact the needs of our world and one another. For more information, see

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