Provide liturgical music at Sunday Mass and other church liturgies.

The choirs include:


African Choir – Practices Tuesdays at 7pm; sings first Sunday at 11 am Mass

CONTACT: Dr. Chica Okoro, 310 562-6299,


Adult Choir – Practices every other Thursday at 6:45pm; sings second and fourth Sundays at 11 am Mass

CONTACT: Hannah Madril,

Youth Choir – Practices each week; sings the 5pm Mass on Sundays

CONTACT: Hannah Madril,


Filipino Choir – Practices Fridays at 7 pm; sings third Sunday at 11 am Mass

CONTACT: Gina Holt, 310 612-7384,


Children’s Choir – Practices Wednesdays at 3 pm; sings second, third and fourth Sundays at 9 am Mass

CONTACT: Fr. Bill, 424 543-4681,