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Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group

Meets Friday nights to celebrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit

CONTACT: Donatus Muoneke, 323 294-1940,;

Murglen Muoneke, 323 294-1940,


The prayer group is part of the SCRC (Southern California Renewal Communities), a ministry of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles officially commissioned in the 1970s to provide teaching, communication and guidance designed to bring Charismatic Renewal into the heart of the Church. The prayer group meets Friday evenings at 7 pm to celebrate the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, foster union with God and honor Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Savior through the inspirations and grace of the Holy Spirit within us. Members express their renewal through praise and worship, testimonies, thanksgiving, scripture reading, music, prayer, and operation in the Charisms of the Spirit. The group also sponsors seminars, healing Masses and other spiritual events.

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