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The mission of Saint Jerome Catholic Community is to share God's message with all people,

to offer support to those in need, to promote Christian values and commitment to family,

to foster a loving and welcoming environment enriched by cultural and age diversity,

and to deepen spiritual growth through the sacraments, prayer, and service.


A Message from Father Bill Bolton, Pastor

Dear St. Jerome Parishioners and those visiting, we welcome you to our parish, and to our new website. We ask for your patience as we strive to continue to build the best website we can.

As church we too are constantly under construction and in need of continual conversion. Nothing highlights this more than events which have recently come to light in Pennsylvania.  I am sure that all Catholics, like I, are filled with disgust and disappointment at the sins which have been committed on the innocent little ones by those who should have been good shepherds rather than wolves given access to the sheep. That these events are years old give those whose trust was betrayed no consolation.


The Latin phrase "Corruptio Optimi Pessima" is linked to my sadness. "The corruption of the best is the worst of all." We who are baptized and called to be disciples should be showing the way. Knowing the way, the truth and the life demands something of us: to follow Him. Even more is expected and required of those called to priesthood. Not that they are "better" but have a greater responsibity. Please keep those ordained as your servants in prayer. There can be no excuse. "Better a millstone be tied around your neck and be cast into the sea than cause one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble."


Let us also pray for ourselves and the Catholic Church of Pennsylvania. May we never forget that if you need to hide or sneak, you already know it is wrong.


Fr. Bill Bolton

Fr. Bill Bolton, Pastor

O God, we give you thanks for your servant and priest, Father Augustus Tolton, who labored among us in times of contradiction, times that were both beautiful and paradoxical. His ministry helped lay the foundation for a truly Catholic gathering in faith in our time. We stand in the shadow of his ministry. May his life continue to inspire us and imbue us with that confidence and hope that will forge a new evangelization for the Church we love.


Father in Heaven, Father Tolton’s suffering service sheds light upon our sorrows; we see them through the prism of your Son’s passion and death. If it be your Will, O God, glorify your servant, Father Tolton, by granting the favor I now request through his intercession (mention your request) so that all may know the goodness of this priest whose memory looms large in the Church he loved.


Complete what you have begun in us that we might work for the fulfillment of your kingdom. Not to us the glory, but glory to you O God, through Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you are our God, living and reigning forever and ever.  Amen

2010 Bishop Joseph N. Perry

Father Agustus Tolton

Tuesday, December 24th

Christmas Vigil Masses

4pm and 11pm*

*Carols begin at 10:30pm


Wednesday, December 25th

Christmas Day Masses

7:30am, 9am and 11am


Wednesday, January 1st

Mary, Mother of God

Mass at 8:00am


Sunday, January 5th

Gumbo Celebration

 Dinner from 3:30-7:30pm 

in our Parish Hall

Many different activities, presentations, and events take place every year at St. Jerome Church. We encourage everyone who isn't

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We continue to remind ourselves that we are called as God’s stewards of this world to:
• Pray for and with creation

• Live more simply
• Advocate to protect our common home.


Father of all, Creator and ruler of the universe, You entrusted your world to us as a gift. Help us to care for it and all people, that we may live in right relationship -- with You, with ourselves, with one another, and with creation.

Christ our Lord, You lived among us and died for our sins. Help us to imitate your love for the human family by recognizing that we are all connected -- to our brothers and sisters around the world, to those in poverty impacted by environmental devastation, and to future generations.

Holy Spirit, giver of wisdom and love, You breathe life in us and guide us. Help us to live according to your vision, stirring to action the hearts of all -- individuals and families, communities of faith, and civil and political leaders.


Triune God, help us to hear the cry of those in poverty, and the cry of the earth, so that we may together care for our common home. Amen.

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