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Confirmed active Catholics who oversee preparations for Mass
CONTACT: Brad Germeroth, 323 577-5922,

Sacristans are confirmed active Catholics trained to oversee preparation and clean-up of liturgical celebrations. The sacristan’s duties vary, but usually include taking care of the sacristy and the sacred items therein; performing duties before, during and after Mass; and training altar servers. To prepare for Mass, the sacristan ensures that the priest has the vessels, linens, candles, liturgical books, and sufficient fresh hosts and wine required for the Mass; sets the offertory table for the Presentation of the Gifts; sets the credence table; and confirms the presence of all required ministers. When there is a special ceremony at Mass, such as a Baptism, the sacristan sets out the required additional items. If no altar servers are present, the sacristan must either find substitute servers in the congregation or personally assume that position. Before, during and after Mass, the sacristan manages the church lighting and PA system. After Mass, the sacristan oversees the cleaning of vessels, altar, credence table and sacristy area; supervises the transfer of parishioner donations to the safe; and stores all items. At weekend Masses, one Eucharistic Minister is scheduled to share the work.

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