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Parish leadership groups (Administration, Formation, Worship, Community, LCJP) facilitating communication among parish ministries and the Parish Advisory Council

CONTACT: Kathy Fitzpatrick, 310 703-2519,


St. Jerome Parish actively works to create a covenantal relationship within the parish among the Pastor, staff, ministry leaders, Parish Advisory Council and parishioners. The parish has created a structure of parish leadership groups known as Commissions to help develop this mutual cooperation. The five Commissions are: Administration; Formation; Worship; Community; and Life, Charity, Justice & Peace (“LCJP”). They coincide with the five major areas of parish life within the St. Jerome community. Each of the various parish ministries falls under one of these Commissions. The role of each Commission is to establish a vision for its ministries; assess the needs of its ministries; provide assistance so that the ministries can meet their full potential; and facilitate effective communication among its ministries and the Parish Advisory Council. The Parish Advisory Council consists of approximately 10 to 12 representatives nominated by and from the Commissions who provide guidance and advice to the Pastor. Both the Parish Advisory Council and the Commissions generally meet seven evenings from September through June.

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